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Dr. Göran Helgason

  Dr. Göran Helgason

Professional experience in ophthalmology/positions

  1987-1990 Resident/registrar, Dep’t of Ophthalmology, Sahlgren´s University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.1991-1998 Senior registrar, Dep’t of Ophthalmology, Sahlgren´s University Hospital, Gothenburg. Anterior segment surgeon since 1992.

  1996 - 2016 Consultant in Medocular and Capio Eye Clinics (private practice), mainly performing cataract and refractive surgery - PRK, LASEK, LASIK, AK/LRI, RLE/multifocals and ICL.

  2001 - International course instructor* and medical advisor, STAAR Surgical and Alcon Laboratories

  2007 - 2016 Medical Director, Capio Medocular, Sweden

  2007 - ongoing Consultant surgeon, Advanced Vision Care, London, UK 2016 –

  2018 Consultant surgeon, Euroeyes, Denmark

  2018 – ongoing surgeon, Euroeyes, China


  Flashed pattern-induced activity in the visual system : I. The short latency evoked response recorded from the cat visual cortex Acta Physiol Scand 1991,143 (With A.Sjöström, M.Abrahamsson, K.Norsell, and A.Roos)

  Design, calibration and testing of a laser flare meter. Applied optics 1994; 33:2611-19 (With A-K Holmér, A. Tönjum, and S. Hård) Clinical outcomes of a new extended range of vision IOL: The international multicenter concerto study.

  J Cataract Refract Surg 2016 Sep;42(9): 1268-1275 (With Cocheren B et al)

Abstracts, posters and presentations

  Measurement of aqueous flare with a new laser flare meter. Clinical applications in uveitis patients 3 rd International Symposium on Uveitis, Brussels, 1992 (With K.Norsell, A-K Holmér, and A. Tönjum)

  Aqueous flare in normal eyes and eyes with cataract or intraocular lenses measured with a new laser flare meter & Design and calibration of a laser flare meter

  Sixth meeting International Society of Ocular Fluorophotometry, Brussels, 1992 (With A-K Holmér, S. Hård, and A. Tönjum)

  Shortlatenzy occipital response to flashed pattern VER stimuli in visually normal, amblyopic and cataractous children International Society for Clinic Electrophysiology of Vision XXX Symposium, Vienna, 1992. (With M. Abrahamsson, A.Sjöström)

  In-vivo calibration of a new laser flare meter. XXXI Nordic Congress of Ophthalmology, Gothenburg, 1993 (With K. Norsell)

  The STAAR Toric IOL- a clinical study STAAR Toric XVIth Congress of the ESCRS, Nice 1998

  ICL for the correction of myopia and hyperopia in clinical practice 5 th ESCRS Winter Refractive Surgery Meeting, Cannes, 2001 Aberrations after implantation of phakic IOLs 7 th ESCRS Winter Meeting, Rome, 2003

International Experience with the ICL

  CME symposium, Phakic IOLs, AAO, Anaheim, California 2003

  Phakic IOLs: Anterior chamber or sulcus? and CLE or phakic lens: How, when, why? Round table discussions

  Antwerp Refractive Cataract Surgery Symposium, Belgium, 2005 Incidence of lens opacification with low vault ICL

  International ICL Experts Symposium, ESCRS, Portugal, 2005

  Optimizing refractive surgery 16 th Scientific Meeting: The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand, 2005

  2004,The refractive surgeon who became a refractive patient

  Dead Sea Conference, Israel, 2005

  The Toric ICL – from indications to outcome

  Instructional course, ESCRS, Sweden 2007

  Presbyopic Surgery – Mix & Match or Pure & Simple

  IIIC Meeting, Sweden 2007

  The risk of developing cataract with low ICL vault

  XXXVIII Nordic Congress of Ophthalmlogy, Norway 2008

  Nordic Experience with the Restor +3

  Norwegian Ophthalmic Society, Norway 2008

  RLE with the Restor +3

  Baltic Cataract Club, Vilnius 2010

  Early Nordic Experience with the Restor Toric

  Nordic RLE Meeting, Copenhagen 2010

  Multifocal IOL’s in Refractive Surgery

  Swedish Ophthalmology Society, Visby, Sweden, 2010

  Toric Intraocular Lenses in clinical practise

  Alcon Infinity Club, Stockholm 2011

  Toric Hyperopic Visian ICL, is it different?

  STAAR 8 th International Experts Symposium, Vienna 2011 STAAR The New Restor Family Polish Cataract and Refractive Society Meeting, during ESCRS, Milan 2012

  Early Experience with the Restor +2.5

  Nordic RLE Meeting, Oslo 2012

  Choice of multifocal IOL’s

  Finnish Medical Optical Society Meeting, 2013

  Diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses

  Nordic Congress of Ophthalmology, Stockholm 2014

  Multifocal IOL’s: Alternative and personal experience

  Swedish Ophthalmological Society, Stockholm 2015

  Has implantation of Phakic IOL’s an advantage over Laser Vision Correction?

  National Polish Ophthalmological Society, Ossa 2015

  Trends in lens surgery

  Vision 1.0, Stockholm 2018

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