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The EuroEyes Clinical Group is an association of licensed eye clinics specialized in the correction of refractive disorders (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia). With Laser Eye Centers all across Germany, in Denmark (Copenhagen and Aarhus), and in China (Shanghai), EuroEyes is among the largest independent clinical groups for laser eye surgery in Germany. 

Since 1993, the EuroEyes laser eye surgeons have carried out more than 200,000 LASIK surgeries, and more than 100.000 intraocular surgeries, such as implantations of intraocular lenses and refractive lens exchanges (treatment of presbyopia/ cataract surgeries). Thus, they are among the most surgically experienced eye surgeons in Germany in the field of laser eye surgeries and intraocular surgeries.


All Laser Eye Centers in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and Stuttgart are members of the VSDAR (Association of Specialty Clinics for Laser Eye and Refractive Surgery). Quality assurance and experience exchange with the leading experts in Germany and Europe are the basis of the work of the VSDAR.

But the "qualifications of non-physician staff Euro Eyes is also a big deal–they are regularly trained and tested in the fields of medicine and service."

The EuroEyes Academy has existed in the EuroEyes Clinical Group since December 2007. In this EuroEyes Academy new staff learn about the basics of refractive surgery as well as the quality management system of the clinics. External service providers deliver specialized knowledge of the innovative technology that is used. 

This expert knowledge will in any regard stand our patients in good stead, because our top priority is the patient and his/hers safety, customized treatment and satisfaction. Therefore, we place great value on an all inclusive service from the patient’s first visit at the clinic to the final check up. Thanks to our highly specialized clinics and advanced technology, we can offer our patients a unique solution, tailored exactly to his or her eyes. It is our goal not only to correct the refractive error, but to provide an overallimprovement in the quality of vision.



With the Laser Eye Center in Hamburg, Dr. med. Jørn S. Jørgensen founded one of the first LASIK clinics in Germany in 1993. The American eye surgeon Dr. Albert Neuman from Neuman-Eye-Institute (Florida, USA) had a great role in this regard. In the following years the EuroEyes Laser Eye Center in Hamburg hosted several national and international conferences on the subject of refractive surgery / laser eye surgery.