Wavefront Diagnostics

With the wavefront analysis we set highest standards for a unique diagnosis and a supreme eyelaser treatment.


Wavefront Analysis

Advanced Technology: Capturing Your Unique Eye Profile with iDesign

The aberrometer that is used in the so-called wavefront analysis (aberrometry), is a diagnostic tool that determines the exact objective and quantitative aberrations of the human eye - like a genetic fingerprint. An aberrometer measures the refractive power of the eye - and thus existing irregularities that cause aberrations - in more than hundred different points. With the iDesign, EuroEyes applies the most advanced and innovative technology on the market. In contrast to a regular aberrometer, the iDesign device measures the refraktive power of the eye in 1.250 points. All measurements are recorded graphically and create a kind of "map", that shows the exact refractive power for all 1.250 points of the eye. Based on this revolutionary technique an optimal correction of your vision, customized to the specific requirements can be done by the eye laser. Such an exact and customized treatment is unachievable by any other laser procedure, contact lenses or glasses.


An alternative, common procedure to determine the vision disorder is the usage of spectacles. However with this basic method aberrations can neither be detected, nor corrected. A regluar LASIK bases on the determination of spectacles. Thus, the correction of additional disorders, like aberrations, is not included in a LASIK treatment. This is one of the reasons why EuroEyes has avoided this type of diagnosis for several years now, and prefers the advanced wavefront analysis.

The Genetic Fingerprint of the Eye

The human eye is not a perfect optical system, but has so-called optical aberrations. It is unique in its design and its power: The individual nature of the cornea and lens - different curvatures at each point of the cornea, and various forms of aberrations - makes it as unique as a "genetic fingerprint." Therefore, a specific vision disorder of for example -3.5 D does not necessarily equal -3.5 D. Therefore, an eyelaser treatment should always be done on the basis biometric, personlized data to ensure a customized, exact and precise treatment.


Video about wavefront-based LASIK

Advantages of the Wavefront Analysis

The Revolutionary Procedure Improves the Quality of Vision

In the wavefront guided LASIK/ee-LASIK all the collected aberrometry data is considered individually: From the wavefront map it can be derived exactly, in the area of the cornea the treatment must take place, and how much tissue can be ablated - to not only correct the vision disorder, but, by compensating for aberrations, to improve the quality of vision: Thus, a better vision, better contrast sensitivity and a better night vision can be achieved!


 This revolutionary and most advanced technique offers EuroEyes patients the following treatment advantages:

  • better quality of vision
  • correction of aberrations
  • better visual acuity
  • better contrast vision
  • better vision at night
  • correction of complicated vision disorders

Frequently Asked Questions about LASIK / Femto-LASIK