Ulrike Meinke: Finally, I got rid of my glasses!


Ulrike Meinke is a hairdresser with her own salon in Geesthacht. She was extremely nearsighted, had a progressing presbyopia and a slight clouding of the lens. At times she had to wear contact lenses and glasses or even two pairs of glasses over each other to even bear to look at some distances. "That was terrible," she says today. My hobby - swimming - had become a torment, diving was impossible and in the shower she had to wear glasses to not blindly grope after the shampoo like a mole. Even driving a car at night caused her major problems, she often had tunnelvision and couldn't recognize what was happening in the perifery of the road.


One of her customers saw her suffering and told her about his treatment with multifocal lenses at EuroEyes. Then she immediately decided to schedule a consultation. Two weeks later, both eyes were corrected simultaneously and within a few hours after the procedure she was finally able to see well without glasses. "I know now that I have not seen it all clear before", says Ulrike Meinke. "I was suddenly in a colorful world and could see a lot of small details." Before the operation reading was exhausting, today she easily read the fine print on a food package. "The new vision is simply stunning, I have 100 % better quality of life," says Meinke and adds: "I see the world with different eyes." Driving gives her no problems anymore, she can enjoy swimming again and even her salon benefits from the change: "Now even the hairstyles look better!" she grins.

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