Do Not Make Any Compromises when Choosing Your Doctor

Learn more about the EuroEyes Medical Team.

The Power of Experience

If you think about it, when it comes to correcting the refractive error of your eyes with laser or lens surgery, you should not compromise regarding the experience of your eye surgeon.


At EuroEyes most procedures are performed by high volume surgeons - in other words, doctors, who independently perform at least 1,000 surgeries yearly in a laser eye center.


With this experience and expertise the EuroEyes Medical Team is among the leading specialists in Germany. In addition, ophthalmologists and ophthalmic surgeons of the EuroEyes clinical group are engaged as instructors in the Commission for Refractive laser treatment (KRC) of the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG). And besides surgical practice we rely on research to achieve the best possible treatment for each patient.


Since 2010, four EuroEyes doctors have been recommended for the doctors list of FOCUS, that is set each year. And for the outstanding achievements in the field of lens surgery, EuroEyes has been awarded with two awards for ICL implantations (implantable contact lenses in 2012. 


More than just Refractive Surgery

The expertise of the EuroEyes doctors goes far beyond the traditional laser eye surgery. Lens surgery is the remit of Dr. Jørgensen and Dr. Lerche in Hamburg. With Prof. Neuhann in Munich, we have a specialist in corneal transplants, and with Dr. Lucke in Bremen, an expert in retina vitreous surgery.


For the patients, this means one thing: That they can also consult our eye doctors if their the eye disorders can't be solved with refractive surgery.