Tilman Offenbächer:Great - never glasses again!


Dr. Tilman Offenbächer is a very good dentist. The 50 year old man was farsighted and wore glasses for many years. When he had to switch to progressive lenses his problem with vision worsened. "I often have to look down at the dental treatment. This is difficult with the bifocals, because of the distance and reading areas in the lenses is completely wrong for my work situation. "He found advice at EuroEyes and decided for the implantation of multifocal lenses. " The surgery itself only lasted 10 minutes and was completely painless. Immediately after the surgery I had a big 'wow' factor", says Dr. Offenbächer. He particularly enjoys that he doesn't have to find his glasses the first thing in the morning, and the fact that he can see clearly immediately when waking up.

" I now have a panoramic view and I'm no longer limited by my glasses. Now I also feel more flexible when I'm giving my patients dental treatments." says Dr. Offenbächer. In his practice, Dr. Offenbächer is often asked where he had his treatment. " If I tell them that I never need glasses again, my patients are very curious and want to know how the result is."


In his spare time he enjoys life without glasses. "Sailing and surfing are now even more fun - even in bad weather which was a problem before". says Dr. Offenbächer. "The multifocal lenses have brought me a clearly better quality of life !"

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