Petra Schwenneker “I can see the details again”


Petra Schwenneker is 61 years old. The dynamic expert advisor for logistics systems for over 30 years is now working with great enthusiasm in the distribution of Jungheinrich AG. She notised that she was getting more and more problems to orient herself on the road withot a navigation system. "It was impossible to read street signs with my own eyes." she says. Her eye doctor told her that she need a pair of glasses and also reading glasses for near vision. "Shortly after I had seven pairs of glasses at seven different locations. One on the washing machine, one in the bathroom and one in the office ... " Petra Schwenneker wanted to live a life without glasses and asked her private doctor, who advised her a laser eye surgery. What he didn't tell her was that she would still need to use reading glasses. She was not satisfied with this option until she found Dr. Jørgensen at Euro Eyes: "He just told me what is possible and what would be best for me. I got the feeling that I had come to the right place." When she learned that she could do a multifocal lens surgery and that she don't need any glasses after she decided to have the surgery at once.


One day after surgery, she came home amazed: "I did not know how white my white curtains actually were! And in the evening in the bathroom I could read the fine print on the toothpaste tube again. That was an incredibly great feeling!" she beams. "I ran through the streets the first day grinning like a Cheshire cat." For Petra Schwenneker life without glasses is much simpler: When shopping, she can read each tag and can even read the ingredients on food labels. "I can thread a thread in a small needle - without any tools and naturally without glasses." Petra Schwenneker says proudly. "Before, I had big problems when tinkering with my grandchildren, today I'll do it with great joy."


Petra Schwenneker has found that she had not noticed that her vision slowly decreased, and this gradual vision loss is difficult for many patients to become aware of. Her conclusion: "I now see as I did 30 years ago. My world has become more colorful and richer in detail again!"

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