We are different! We are made in Germany!

  We are different! We are made in Germany!

  We are:

  1) The owner (100%) of Euroeyes Germany and China are the German eye Surgeons

  2) They are responsible for the safety and best treatment and operations

  3) EuroEyes is different that we are not owned by an investment fund or Bankers or shareholders- and therefor can take non profit decisions and decisions only on medical backgrounds

  4) EuroEyes has more than 20 years German history and 400,000 eye treatments experience!

  5) In China we are using our German certifications standards TÜV to guarantee safety quality!

  6) Most of the surgeons are famous German eye doctors who perform the operation them-self IN CHINA!

  As an International Clinic Group with many clinics in Germany our medical treatments in China follow the same rules as in Germany.


  We are in China no "fake Germany Clinic" but 100 % real and we assure our Chinese patients that they can get the same high quality treatment and safety as our patients get it in Germany!