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Presbyopia begins slowly and gives rise to reading diffi culties from the age of 40 years. This is caused by the loss of fl exibility of the eye´s crystalline lens, which loses its ability to

change shape to focus light when reading, causing things up close to appear unclear. This also affects people who never before had problems with their eyes; and now need reading or progressive glasses.


An alternative to reading glasses is to exchange this <rigid> lens with an artificial lens implant, replacing the need for all glasses! EuroEyes eye surgeon Dr. med. Jørn S. Jørgensen has specialised in the correction of presbyopia. He explains the implantation of the Trifocal Lens in this interview.


Who is EuroEyes?

EuroEyes is a clinic group that has specialised in the correction of visual errors and presbyopia. We have completed more than 400.000 successful eye operations, and have been implanting multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia for around 15 years.


Who chooses to come have their presbyopia corrected at EuroEyes?

Mostly patients over the age of 45 years who are active in their occupation and leisure, and do not want to accept reading and progressive glasses.


Which lenses do you implant?

We implant trifocal lenses from Zeiss, which allow you to see clearly from up close to far away including the in between ranges. Working on the computer without glasses is no problem at all.


Does that mean the lens also corrects near- and farsightedness?

Yes, all visual errors are corrected, even astigmatism. Trifocals allow you to get rid of all glasses.


You never need to wear reading or progressive glasses again?

Correct - 97 % of our patients who are treated with trifocals are totally free from wearing all glasses for the rest of their lives.


Why should I choose EuroEyes to treat my visual error?

Our surgeons carry out more than 1.000 operations per year and are regularly recognised by the magazine FOCUS as top doctors. We have also implanted the most trifocals worldwide.


Does the operation hurt?

It is a routine operation that has also been carried out for generations as cataract treatment. It is very safe and takes 15 minutes per eye on an outpatient basis using eye drop anesthetics.


When can I see clearly after the treatment?

Our patients are back to work after a few days, and driving a car is also possible.