Monika Hanold:Life without glasses is great!


Monika Hanold is an administrative employee and works in the social service office in Stellingen. The lively 52 -year-old woman does not like glasses. "Since my driving test I had to wear glasses while driving", she says. When she realized that her eyesight deteriorated and she would not only need glasses when driving - but at all occations- she was informed about the alternatives and decided for a treatment with multifocal lenses. Prior to surgery, she was pretty excited and scared at the same time. "But that was totally unfounded, during the procedure I only felt a slight feeling of pressure, but that was quite bearable." Her eyes were operated on two consecutive days. As the first patch was taken off, she noted the bright light immediately: "Even the colors are much clearer now", says Monika Hanold facinated. Most of all, she enjoys to drive a car without glasses: "The only glasses I need now are my sunglasses."


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