The LenSx laser is putting the future in motion: At the Euroeyes Clinic in Jin Mao Shanghai future has already arrvied

The Euroeyes clinic at Jin Mao is the first clinic in Shanghai to work with the LenSx femtosecond laser – a groundbreaking technical innovation.

The femtosecond laser has been tried and tested in refractive laser eye surgery since 2004. At that time infrared laser technology has revolutionised refractive surgery. For cataract surgery the LenSx laser now means that we don’t need the manual knife work of the surgeon anymore and for you as a patient this means a lot more safety.

Safety and precision

Since the LenSx laser provides image-guided surgeon control the procedure is more predictable than ever. The effect not only is a reduction in complication rates but also an increase in safety and precision.


•reduction of manual surgeon work to a minimum

•100 % accurate, standardised laser incisions

•perfect capsulorhexis (opening of the lens capsule) and thus optimum lens positioning

•40 % less harmful energy inside the eye

•more precise results

•fewer human errors thanks to computer-control

•possible reduction or compensation of corneal astigmatism

•significantly fewer complications and side effects


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