At the Onset of Presbyopia: KAMRA-Inlay

The KAMRA inlay method used by EuroEyes is a proven way to correct the early stages of presbyopia, which affects especially the vision at close range around the approximate age of 45. 

The KAMRA inlay is an effective and proven method that strongly reduces the annoying dependency of reading glasses. Thus, presbyopia is not hindered, but successfully treated. The KAMRA implant improves the viewing of near objects and thereby most everyday things.

The Procedure

The Treatment with the KAMRA Inlay – Step by Step: 


First, a thin corneal lamella (flap) is prepared with the femtosecond laser.


The flap is then carefully folded to the side.  


Now an ultra light and tiny ring with a diameter of only 3,8 mm is implanted. 


Finally the eye surgeon carefully puts back the flap.

The Advantages

The Implantation of the KAMRA Inlay with EuroEyes Offers Significant Advantages:

  • Reduced dependence of reading glasses
  • The near and intermediary vision is improved, without impairing the distance vision
  • The implant is so small that it is virtually invisible to other people
  • The KAMRA Inlay is only implanted in one eye
  • This is a permanent solution - no shifting or falling out of the inlay is possible
  • Stable long-term results
  • "Immune" from the rapidly increasing accommodation loss
  • The KAMRA Inlay can be combined with other techniques


Treatment Procedure

1.  Personal, Non-binding Consultation with Focus on the Onset of Your Presbyopia

  • All relevant eye parameters are measured
  • Examine your eyes to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment
  • We determine what the best method of treatment is for your eyes


2.  A Thorough Medical Preliminary Examination

  • The examination usually lasts about two hours
  • Intensive ophthalmic preliminary examination and measurement of your eyes
  • Our Specialists in ophthalmology will explain every detail about the treatment
  • Before this preliminary examination you should not have worn soft contact lenses for one week and hard contact lenses for two weeks
  • Please note that after the examination you will not be safe driving a vehicle–neither car, nor motorcycle or bicycle. We therefore recommend that you take a cab or public transportation
  • At the examination you will receive an after-care set for the days after your treatment. The medication and content will be explained in detail by our staff


3.  On the Day of the KAMRA Inlay Treatment

  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes on the day of treatment
  • You can eat and drink normally on the treatment day, but please do not smoke
  • For hygiene reasons, it is also important that you wash your face thoroughly prior to treatment, completely remove makeup, and avoid perfume
  • Outpatient surgery, anesthetic eye drops, no bandage, and sunglasses are recommended
  • The total duration of the surgery (both eyes): approximately 25 minutes
  • You are not allowed to drive a vehicle after the procedure


4.  After the Surgery

  • Please do not rub your eyes
  • Antibiotic eye drops 5 x á day for 1 week
  • Artificial tears as required
  • Return to work after 2-3 days
  • Resume sports activities after approximately 3 days, swimming and sauna after approximately 2 weeks
  • Post-operative follow-up examinations: after 1 day – 1 week – 1 month
  • You may drive a vehicle again only with the doctor's permission, normally after the 1 week post-operative examination

Good to Know

More About KAMRA Inlays:

  • The KAMRA method has been perfected over the last ten years by clinical research and development. It consists of an ultra-light and tiny ring of 3.8 mm diameter, which is implanted in only one eye and inserted into the cornea by the femtosecond laser.
  • The KAMRA Inlay is positioned in the corneal tissue, and the lamella is put back. The ring is open in the middle so that the penetrating light is focused, and the vision in the near and intermediate range is restored. The implant is barely visible in the eye.
  • The insertion of the KAMRA inlay can also also be combined with a LASIK treatment. The following model will elaborate how exactly the procedures work. 


Frequenty Asked Questions about the KAMRA-Inlay