Harald Stelling:I even recognize small print!


In the district of Stade, lies the small town Mulsum in which Harald Stelling operates his engineering company specialized in electrical engineering and telecommunications. As founder and chief, the 50 year old coordinates his team and is responsible for the performance and quality. The work in the office was always exhausting for him, but was getting more exhausting over the years: "I've been farsighted for many years. When I crossed the 40's , I got more and more problems and consulted my eye doctor. They told me that I had gotten presbyopia, making my eyesight even worse.", says Harald Stelling. "I then bougt my first bifocal glasses. Even with my glasses my vision wasn't clear, so I also had a pair of reading glasses that I had to constantly take on and off to still be able to see anything." In his work on the PC Stelling squeezed his eyes or moved away from the screen in order to see better.


He became tired of his poor visual situation, and began to search for alternatives and went to EuroEyes in Hamburg to find possibilities to correct his vision problems. It quickly became clear that he could live a life without glasses with a treatment with multifocal lenses. "For many people it sounds overwelming the first time you hear it, that you have to change the lens." Harald Stelling describes the reactions from his environment. "I had no fear before surgery, the prospect of a spectacle free life was crucial for me." After 10 min in the operating room per eye, the stay in the operating room was already over. The fact that Mr Stelling had both eyes corrected in one day testifies his confidence in the EuroEyes team. "On the third day after the operation I worked eight hours on the PC, but for the first time completely without glasses! ", Stelling tells radiant. "That was awesome, and has confirmed me that I did the right thing."


Mr. Stelling now no longer needs to search his pockets for reading glasses. "When I'm with my clients, I can see without glasses and recognize nameplates on machines but also read small print in technical documents." His conclusion: "For me this was 100% the right decision." And finally he adds that a colleague architect is getting very curious about the treatment and the result- Stelling is certain: "He will come to EuroEyes soon!"

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