Folke Sievers: It was exactly the right decision!


Folke Sievers is Hotel Manager at Scandic Hamburg Emporio. The 49 -year-old manager wore contact lenses for many years, sometimes up to 20 hours per day. A pair of glasses bothered him especially during sports, for example when he jogged with his guests around the Alster. When he became presbyopic a few years ago and needed reading glasses or bifocals, he got additional problems in his work while using PC. The desire for a life without glasses became larger, and he decided for a treatment with multifocal lenses. His left eye was operated first, and in the morning the day after he could see the end of his bed quite clear through the patch. "That was an incredibly great feeling", says Sievers. The hotel manager resides outside of Hamburg, and when he looked into the green one day later, with both operated eyes, he saw a stray cat on the lawn, a small bird chirping on a tree and behind the green forest stretched out. "To discover this idyll as clear and concise was a whole new viewing experience for me," Sievers is reflecting. Friends and colleagues who were not aware of the surgery told him that he didn't look so tired anymore. "I felt overall fitter and fresher and also did not have to constantly rub my eyes," says Sievers. He even enjoyed a trip to a volcano in Indonesia: "To see the fantastic panorama without glasses was incredible", Sievers says. His conclusion: "This OP was exactly the right decision for me."


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