FOCUS List of Doctors Honors EuroEyes Doctors

Nationwide Expertise in Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen has, as the only surgeon in Hamburg, Germany, been recommended in the field of refractive and cataract surgery. Additionally, four other specialists from EuroEyes Clinical Group were listed in the German consumer magazine FOCUS' List of Doctors 2014. This list, which is also known as "Germany's toughest Doctor Check", focused on surgical correction of presbyopia in its November issue. The journalists of the magazine base their choices on recommendations from doctors and patient organizations. Under the heading "Experts of Refractive and Cataract Surgery", founder and medical director of EuroEyes, Jørn S. Jørgensen is mentioned as the only surgeon in Hamburg. Professor Dr. Thomas Neuhann from EuroEyes Laser Eye Center Munich, ranks at the very top of the popular doctor evaluation. Colleagues particularly frequently recommend him as an "Expert of Refractive and Cataract Surgery". Aside from renowned University Clinics, Hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other eye surgical centers recommended by surgeons, the EuroEyes surgeons from Bremen – Dr. Klaus Lucke and Dr. Silvia Bopp – were chosen for the list under the category "Corneal Experts".



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