EuroEyes Wins Five Honors of Vision Correction Solution With Stronger Commitment to China Strategy

Jan. 22, 2016, Beijing - EuroEyes, Germany’s largest ophthalmology clinic group, today won multi-honors, including “Clinic Performing Most AT LISA Tri Trifocal Lens Implantations Worldwide”, “China’s First AT LISA Tri Trifocal Lens Implantation Clinic”, “Global Center of Excellence of Vision Correction Solution”, and “Zeiss’ Most Smile Platform Worldwide” etc. The honors highly recognize EuroEyes’ experience and leadership in global refractive surgery area.  


At the media gathering, Mr. Maximilian Foerst, President and Managing Director of Zeiss China, presents these honors to EuroEyes. Meanwhile, Dr. med. Jørn S. Jørgensen, founder and CEO of EuroEyes, is awarded “The Most AT LISA Tri Trifocal Lens Implantations Performed Surgeon Worldwide” Zeiss is the technological leader in global optics and photovoltaic industry, and the inventor of trifocal lens.


Mr. Foerst highly praised EuroEyes’ contribution to global refractive surgery and expects Zeiss and EuroEyes to enhance their strategic cooperation in China and benefit more patients.


“EuroEyes is a global strategic partner of Zeiss with deep collaboration in refractive surgery solution,” said Mr. Maximilian Foerst at the awarding ceremony. “We are excited to witness EuroEyes’ outstanding achievements in China, especially using Zeiss’ leading surgery systems and solutions to offer 5-star services to Chinese patients. We hope to enhance cooperation with EuroEyes and continually drive medical innovations.”


Headquartered in Hamburger, Germany, EuroEyes has 25 years of excellence and is known for its professional and reliable doctors and safe treatment technologies. Till now, EuroEyes has completed more than 400,000 eye procedures worldwide. The founder of the EuroEyes, Dr. Jørn Slot Jørgensen is regarded one of the leading authorities in the field of refractive surgery. Over the past 25 years, he has successfully completed 100,000 eye surgeries and has implanted the most multifocal lenses and ICL lenses worldwide. He was awarded as one of “Germany’s Best Eye Surgeons” by Focus magazine.


In 2013, EuroEyes landed in China. At the opening of its Shanghai clinic, Dr. Jørgensen performed China’s first performed first laser lens removal and multifocal lens implantation for presbyopia in China. EuroEyes Shanghai develops rapidly over the past three years and Dr. Jørgensen was awarded the best ophthalmology doctor in Shanghai by The Bund magazine.


Continuing its success in Shanghai, EuroEyes opens a new clinic in Beijing last November. At the opening ceremony, Dr. Jørgensen performed China’s first trifocal lens implantation procedure, advancing presbyopia treatment to new level. The Beijing office will benefit patients of myopia, high myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and cataract in northern China.


Dr. Jørgensen said, “We have rich experience in smile laser procedure and trifocal lens implantation. These cutting-edged technologies allow many patients to live a quality life without glasses and get lifetime warranty from EuroEyes. Their satisfaction and recognition are the highest award for EuroEyes. We are proud that our strategic decision to choose these technologies as the ‘state of the art’ treatments has proven to be successful and correct. In 2016, we wish to benefit more patients in China.”


China has over 300 million patients of myopia, while patients of presbyopia are growing in the aging society. EuroEyes is helping deal with the medical and social challenges with advanced technologies and five-star medical services. Its brand is boosted by its strength and care for patients. By the end of 2016, Dr. Jørgensen plans to have 5 EuroEyes clinics in China by opening new branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, expanding its success to Southeast China with more happy patients.