Euroeyes using: Blade less ICL surgery.

With bladeless ICL surgery, the operations  is carried out under computer-guided imaging using a femtosecond Laser instead of knives.

Whereas, manual Icl surgery requires handheld surgical instruments to make incisions, the bladeless LenSx Laser provides image-guided control for increased accuracy and predictability. . This means there is greater control and reliability of the incision, which allows a perfectly shaped, perfectly sized and precisely located incision to be performed before the Lens is implanted. This allows a more accurate positioning and insertion of the  lens implant, which optimises the visual outcome. 

Euroeyes established team of highly specialised german eyesurgeons, supported by our strong multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists, nurses and therapists, will guide you with professionalism and care through the entire process from surgery to recovery and back to independence. Rest assured that we will do all we can to bring about successful treatment outcomes for our patients.