EuroEyes Deshijia opended its first China Eye Clinic in Shanghai

11. 04. 2013, Shanghai. EuroEyes Clinical Group from Germany opened its first laser eye surgery center of China —— EuroEyes Deshijia Eye Clinic in J•Life Center in Shanghai. During the opening ceremony, the “Jincai Shijia” charity project initiated by the China Children and Teenagers Fund (CCTF) aiming at protecting the eye health of the children in China also launched.


Dr. Joern Joergensen, regarded as one of the leading authorities in the field of refractive surgery, established in 1993 the first eye surgery center, which provided excimer laser surgeries, presbyopia surgeries and the surgeries of cataracts and succeeded in the first excimer laser surgery in Europe. In November 2010, Euroeyes intended to expand its market in China. With the support of the Hamburg Liaison Office Shanghai, EuroEyes Deshijia Eye Clinic was established and won the practice license of medical institution in China in early 2013. The founder Dr. Joern Joergensen has confidence in the development of EuroEyes Deshijia in China:” Euroeyes is the first international eye clinic certified according to German certifications standard. With our experience in the last 20 years and more than 300,000 successfully completed eye surgeries, we will provide our Chinese customers with the best treatment combining uncompromising quality, safety and expertise of laser eye surgery made in German.”  As the first professional European eye clinical institution in China, the opening of EuroEyes achieved strong support from both German and China. In November 2011, the Hamburg first mayor Mr. Olaf Schultz was in attendance at the pre-launching ceremony of this project. On the 25th of March, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau launched 28 initiatives encouraging and supporting social capital including foreign capital to establish medical institutions, which made Dr. Joergensen more confident of the development of the EuroEyes China.


What EuroEyes brings to China is not only the most advanced Equipment worldwide, a team of professional doctors from Germany and European standardized service, but also brings the shared value and the social responsibility of a German company to China. The EuroEyes Clinical Group considers it a duty to cooperate with the charitable organizations worldwide and encourages all the doctors, staff and patients to share the sense of social responsibility of EuroEyes, to provide free eye treatment for the eye patients living in poor and uncultured areas and to improve their life quality. This time, The EuroEyes Clinical Group and Jinmao Group take active part in the “Jincai Shijia” charity project, which intends to enable the blind and eye disabled children to receive the examination and treatment in time. Excellent professional doctors of the EuroEyes will provide free diagnosis and treatment for underprivileged children and contribute their world-class professional ability to the community development in China. The project will start from the school for the Blind Kids in Shanghai. Regular examination and further treatment will be offered, professional knowledge of eye health especially for the children with low vision will be popularized to their parents and teachers in school. At the same time, EuroEyes also cooperates with the Jiangsu Children and Teenagers Fund. Children’s eye health related pilot projects will be launched in Jiangsu. At the launching ceremony, Dr. Joergensen said seriously: “We are proud of the fact that the EuroEyes is the only medical institute, which supports this project. We will stick to provide the vision impaired children with medical help and make our best efforts to improve the life quality of these children. ”


As one of the participants in this project, Jinmao Group always attaches great importance to its social responsibility.  The Jinmao Group rose in 2012 more than two millions RMB Yuan donation for the foundation “GIVE ME FIVE”. The cooperation between the EuroEyes Clinical Group and the Jinmao Group this time is based upon their common will of taking part in the public welfare establishments, which corresponds also the brand culture of Euroeyes: “To unlock the door of life.” EuroEyes Shanghai will provide every Chinese patient with an especially for him tailored solution. Through the safe operation, comfortable environment and its professionalism, EuroEyes wants to convey a healthy attitude towards life to the Chinese public —— to make the life before the “Eyes” more wonderful.


At the opening ceremony, the staff of EuroEyes Deshijia Shanghai revealed that EuroEyes is preparing for a medi-tour project called “Perfect Horizon, Tour in Germany” now. On the occasion, the patients will have the chance to take an eye operation at the headquarters of the Euroeyes in Shanghai’s partner city Hamburg. 


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