EuroEyes and cycle racing fits perfectly together!

  EuroEyes and cycle racing fits perfectly together!

Dr. Joergensen & the First Major of Hamburg Olaf Scholz

EuroEyes will be the title sponsor for the biggest bike race in Germany the Hamburg Cyclassics! This Event is named EuroEyes Cyclassics from now on.

  Hamburg Eye Laser Clinic is the main sponsor of the Cyclassics!

  Hamburg 6 July 2016. Baton change at the cyclassics: EuroEyes, the largest independant Clinic Group for Eye Laser and Refractive Surgery in Germany, is the main sponsor of the international cycle race Cyclassics in Hamburg. Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen , the founder and medical director of EuroEyes and a dedicated cyclist announced "we are very happy and proud as a local company that we are able to contribute to this important big sporting event in the hanseatic city of Hamburg. 

  The Cyclassics attracts bike fanatics from all over the world, and is an annual one-day professional and amateur cycling race in Hamburg established in 1996. It has developed into the largest one-day cycle race in Europe with over 20 000 competitors, and has some famous winners such as Robbie McEwen, Eric Zabel and Jan Ullric. It is an official UCI (professional cycling organisation) licenced event owned and promoted by Ironman, a division of Wanda Sports Holdings. EuroEyes is the new title sponsor and the event will be renamed EuroEyes Cyclassics.

  "EuroEyes and cycle racing fits perfectly together!" was the reaction of the world renowned eye surgeon to the commitment of the clinic group, "sport without glasses, a life without reading glasses - that is what we offer" It is not hard to imaging how wearing glasses restricts one playing sport. Contact lenses are also not an option for many sportsmen and women. "the cold air often fogs up the glasses, and most glasses do not adequately protect the eyes from irritation in strong wind. This becomes even more of a problem when the sports person suffers from dry eyes" commented Dr. Jørgensen. EuroEyes offers the most modern treatments to correct all types of refractive error. These solutions can increase safety in cycling, and can be very important for the cyclist, who may otherwise compromise on clear vision for the sake of the comfort of not wearing glasses.

  This partnership is also a perfect fit when taking international circumstances into consideration: EuroEyes is entering into a partnership with the company Wanda in the 30th year of co-operation between the cities of Hamburg and Shanghai.

  Wanda is one of the largest companies in China and the mother concern of the cyclassics promotion company Ironman, EuroEyes is opening two new eye clinics in China this year (in Shenzhen und Guangzhou). The first eye clinic was opened in Shanghai in 2013 by the first Mayor of the hanseatic city Hamburg, Olaf Scholz. EuroEyes also has a clinic in Beijing, and five additional clinics in cycling mad Denmark.

Launch of EuroEyes Shanghai Clinic and lease signing ceremony

Hamburg mayor and SH Municipal government official attended

  EuroEyes has long been closely associated with the Cyclassics as a sponsor, and presented the Finisher-T-Shirt in 2011.  EuroEyes has had a team competing in this cycle race for the general public for years, and this year will be no exception as employees and partners of the Clinic Group will be led into the race by Dr. Jørn Jørgensen himself.

EuroEyes has had a team competing in this cycle race for years

  EuroEyes, the largest independant clinic group for eye laser surgery in Germany has been offering the full spectrum of corrective solutions for refractive errors for more than 25 years. 

  Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen, the founder and medical director of EuroEyes is one of the most respected German eye specialists. EuroEyes realises the dream of a life free of glasses and contact lenses by using the most modern eye laser and lens treatments. EuroEyes has been a leader in the implementation of the innovative laser eye surgery, ReLEx Smile. This allows for the accurate laser correcton even in people who suffer from dry eyes. 



  Dr. Jørgensen 约根森博士

  Sportsmen over the age of 45 can take advantage of the state-of-art trifocal lens which gives one clear vision when reading, working on the computer and looking far away, without needing to wear glasses - clear vision free from glasses at all distances!. EuroEyes has implanted the most trifocal lenses worldwide, and has the experience that goes with this, providing patients with permanent freedom from their glasses and contact lenses.  EuroEyes offers the full range of refractive surgery solutions for the correction of all vision errors.

Dr. Jørgensen has implanted the most Trifocal lenses worldwide

  Patients at EuroEyes are treated by highly specialised experienced doctors who carry out many thousands of operations every year as "high volume surgeons". Six EuroEyes doctors have been included for many years in the Focus list for the best doctors in Germany.

Certificates of EuroEyes